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For Citizens

Becoming a citizen of the Lauwiner Empire gives you many advantages.

in the following tab the citizenship advantages and rules are displayed


You will have the right to visit the Lauwiner Empire lands as long as the King allows you to do so. 


You can apply for a landplot to start an agricultural and nature living style.


If landwork is done you have the right to aquire more land under your control up to becoming a Lord of a Plot.


Anytime the sovereign of the Lauwiner Empire releases a speach you will recieve an Email.


Your Name will be registred in the ethernal Empire Database and be engraved in a glassmemory that can survive over a million years.


Citizens can profit of the protection of the Empire Legion on the land of the LAUWINER EMPIRE.


Citizens need to follow rules defined in the Constitution to not beeing excommunicated by the King or the Empire Administratiom

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