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Mission of the Empire Legion

The Lauwiner Empire Legion serves as the air, land and sea-based branch of the Empire Forces. Section 2016 of Title 6, Empire Code defines the purpose of the Legion as:

Preserving the peace and security and providing for the defence of the Empire and any areas occupied by Lauwiner Empire Supporting the national policies Implementing the national objectives Overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of Lauwiner Empire They are fully integrated into regular troops during national emergencies, from a few days to several months. Legionnaires can be engaged in military operations abroad, surveillance patrols and public security missions, and can combat crime or work in the spheres of health and cyber issues.

Despite its professionaism the legal status of the Legion at large can be more accurately described as a paramilitary rather than a strategic force, neither geared nor equipped towards the fighting or winning of wars, but to its duties of protection of the monarchy and where needs be, execution of armed services; the component units also have the missions of engaging hostile troops on Empire territory and eliminating local underground elements.

In general, expenses for the establishment and operation of the Legion are charged to the budget of the Empire Tax system.

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